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Back In Town

Posted by SuzyCreamcheese, 20 September 2006 · 2,319 views

Back in town from a week in Greece. Took the 'delphini' in Piraeus and headed for Aegina. A slight 45 minutes travel brought me at a charming little harbour on a charming little island. Aegina, known for producing pistache nuts, for the temple of Apollo, the archaeological site of Aphaia.

I tried to discover it all with an open mind ("a mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it not open." Quote F. Zappa) cause I knew I would be comparing it to Crete. After 3 days I returned to Athens where I took some time to explore the city. Never been there before so I decided it had to be seen even if it would be only for the fact that 4 of the real 'Karyathides' statues are in the Acropolis museum.

Glad that I did this trip, it was worthwile and at the same time it convinced me even more that for the time being, Crete is still my (very strong) cup of tea... or even better, make it a frappe.

As I said before, luckily, I had my share of it earlier this year. biggrin.gif

O.K. Suzy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

I too think that Athens is an interesting place to start a journey into Crete or whatever island in Greece. Actually, I think its the only proper way to enter an island. To see the coastal line slowly emerging arouses unexpected feelings.

Its like starting a meal with a great "amuse-gueule" slowly working your way to the main course rolleyes.gif

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