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Endaxi, Let's Give It A Try

Posted by SuzyCreamcheese, 02 September 2006 · 2,466 views

Well, since I managed to upload some pictures in an album finally, I might as well try to do some writing. wink.gif

The last weeks have been rainy and cold over here. Rain is rather a euphemism for loads of water causing floods and all. sad.gif Wonder what the next days will bring ...

Lucky me cause I am taking a short trip to Greece within a few days. Through Athens, taking the ferry to Aegina, staying there a couple of days, heading back for Athens (2 days). Although, although.... I am not sure what this willl give. Fearing this trip will get me mixed feelings because of not heading direction Crete.

Some years ago now I was travelling to Thira first, to stay there a few days and then heading for Crete. I enjoyed it very much but in the end 5 days was far too long since I was counting the days to leave for Crete. Couldn't return earlier though because there was no ferry. dry.gif As a working 'girl' I couldn't but leave from work for a fortnight and actually that, of course, was not enough to get me through the rest of the year.

Fortunately I had my share of Kriti already earlier this year !

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