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Paradise Is Over – Back To Galley

Posted by Wally, 29 September 2006 · 4,940 views

Two weeks in Crete is definitely to little sad.gif
Especially when you are dreaming to come back since you last left the island.
The ‘obsession’ increases when you finally plan your holidays (on September) and book the flight (by end of April).
You know what I’m talking about, right?

So, referring to the entry title smile.gif when you are ‘rowing on a galley’ very little time left for anything else…

We came back from Paradise on September 13th (don’t like the number – now know why) and at least main objectives are completed.

1) We unpacked luggage and made the laundry. Actually Kate did. I was too depressed smile.gif And I have to tell it wasn’t easy when you have ‘tons’ of staff. I will never forget face to lady at Daskalogiannis airport when I put all our luggage into the tape. Her eyes get bigger and bigger, she did her math, looked at Kate and me and said “Your luggage is 86 kg!!!”. Then we brought up Gabi and Luke from behind the desk and very shyly replied “But there are four of us…”. Luckily, nobody noticed or wanted to weigh my rucksack with two home wines, ouzo, raki, Metaxa, two jars of jam, two cans of Mythos and several minor things. So from now on, you can call me camel or donkey – prefer camel… Any way, fighting at home with over 86 kg of luggage was a HUGE challenge. Kate disserved a medal!!!

2) Save and sort out the best photos. This task was also a big challenge. We took over 1.800 pictures. As always I rejected really the worth one and was ready to upload 1.600. Then (as always) Kate requested hers ‘authorization’. Finally, we ended up with 555 pictures of us and 312 landscapes smile.gif

3) Upload the galleries to our (sorry, kids’) website. Surprisely, this occurred quite complicated. First, my home internet connection braked. Then, my laptop hard drive finished its life. Finally, my telephone company decided to give us some fun. No internet connection again plus our phone number was switched with some BP gas station. So we had great fun calling home and connected to BP. Vice versa was even worst. Never ending phone calls regarding invoices, supply, etc. Now, it looks OK (but you never know who will answer the phone when calling home smile.gif so finally, I can share our pictures with you. You can find them in our gallery on www.kaczorki.pl/galerie.htm

The task we still have to face is righting down our memories.
Both Polish, our website still indicates that we are in Crete… and English so we can share it with you smile.gif

At the end short summary of ‘our Crete’:
  • main location – Kastelli Kissamos
  • days spent in Crete – 14
  • pictures taken – over 1.800
  • kilometers traveled in Crete ~1.450

Wally, I think it's obligatory to bring back more than you took...............I argue it's my way of bringing more of Crete to me here wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif
Your photographs are stunning!

Thank you for sharing.

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