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Moving To Crete, Part 2

Posted by Pam, 03 November 2009 · 5,436 views

I thought it was time to give an update on progress. We had a nice holiday in Crete but didn’t do much this time - unfortunately just before we were due to leave we heard that Bob’s father had been taken into hospital with mild pneumonia and some other infection. It didn’t seem too bad so we decided to go anyway, but kept in regular touch with the family. However, towards the end of the holiday he deteriorated fast and in fact died the night before we flew back, 3 weeks before his 92nd birthday. With all of this happening we weren’t in the mood for too much gallivanting, but had a good rest and relax. We did make several visits to the plot and one day marked out with buckets where we expect the house to be sited on the plot - we have the outline plans from the architect, so have the dimensions. The man who sold the plot is still using it - he grew a fine crop of maize during the summer and his sheep are now grazing on it. I’m sure he’ll wonder on his next visit why all his buckets have been moved.

I don’t think I’ve given too much detail on the plot we’ve bought - it’s a good square plot, on the flat, with electricity and telephone lines going across the front of the plot . Plus there’s a good asphalt road as access so there’ll be no problems with getting the building materials there. It’s only a few minutes gentle stroll to the centre of the village, again on the flat (my legs these days don’t do hills very well). The main selling point for us, though was the quality of the soil and we’ll have enough room even after we’ve built the house to have a good size vegetable garden. There’s 7 olive trees on the plot, as well so we should have our own olive oil. I was going to add a couple of photos to this blog, but can't figure out how to do that, so have created an album in the Members Gallery. We don't have a sea view, but do have a view of the White Mountains through the olive trees.

One piece of good news that we had while on holiday (as I posted in the main forum) was that the house was sold. In fact we had a further call, while were sitting in Asigonia asking if we were back from holiday as our buyers wanted to have another look at the house - it felt somewhat surreal talking to our agent while sitting in a mountain village in Crete.

Since we’ve been back we’ve been gradually sorting out our accumulated junk from the last 18 years, but the last 10 days have been somewhat frustrating as we’re just waiting for the solicitors to do their business and can’t make any firm plans until we know we’ve exchanged contracts. Hopefully, though, we’ll exchange this week and then we’ll be frantic trying to get everything sorted. We’ll rent in the UK for a couple of months as we need some time to get everything sorted - our cats being the main concern. We haven’t got anywhere yet to rent as we can’t commit until we know the sale is going ahead - our buyers could pull out at the last minute, but we do have a couple of options . Fingers crossed it’ll all work out as if not we’ll be in the position of lots of money in the bank, but homeless!

Hei Pam & Bob, Good luck with the final sale/closing of your home in UK and wish you a smooth moving transition to Crete.

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