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Moving To Crete

Posted by Pam, 09 September 2009 · 4,294 views

I visited the site as usual this morning, enjoyed reading Dinny’s latest blog entry and then realised that it’s been months since I even posted let alone write my promised blog on progress. You’d think I would have more time being retired, not less, but work that needs to be done seems to expand to the time available. Anyway, there’s not much to do today, so decided to rectify this omission.

For those who haven’t read my previous postings, the situation is that after several years of research on our dream of moving to Crete on retirement, we found a plot of land that was perfect for us earlier this year and I had an offer to take early retirement. So within a short period of time we found ourselves the proud owners of a plot of land and myself a lady of leisure.

We had a great holiday in June, intermixed with business - meeting our architect and agreeing the design for the house. We’re using a local architect recommended by friends in the village who also used her, so we do know the quality of her work.

On our return from holiday we knuckled down to getting the house in a fit state for selling as we need the money from the house to fund the building. I threw out 10 years of office paperwork and associated junk and Bob then painted the office and re-did the front garden to make the house look more attractive. I also cleaned the house from top to bottom and when I got fed up with that (housework isn’t really my thing), made jams and chutney’s with the excess produce from our allotments. We now have cupboards packed full of jars that we’ve no hope of getting through before we move!

At the end of July we decided the house was good enough so engaged an agent, got the paperwork sorted for selling and finally started to advertise in mid-August. We’ve had loads of people looking but nobody has yet made an offer, which is frustrating and depressing. After all, we love our house, so why hasn’t somebody fallen in love with it! We’ve dropped the price and now have the promise of an offer, which will be lower than we were hoping, but it’s a cash buyer so we’ll probably take it.

After hanging on for a while to see what would happen to the sale of our house we decided to book flights to Crete for early October - we needed something to look forward to, and anyway , there’s still some business to be done, agreeing the detailed designs for the house etc. So we’re flying out on 2nd October and are really hoping that we’ll be in a position to start agreeing timescales for the house build.

We’ll also have lots to do when we finally do sell the house in throwing out yet more stuff (what do I do with my several hundred books?), plus getting our cats their pet passports , organising transport of the stuff we do decide to take with us, which I’m sure will be more than we actually need. However, I’m not getting rid of my old and battered Le Creuset casserole dishes, ridiculous as that may seem!

I’ll post again when we have some news.

Pam, it´s great to read how thing are going forward... you might find it a bit stressing, but as far as I'm concerned this is the really fantastic part of making new decisions: packing, deciding, preparing, eventually getting there! I almost envy you this wonderful part of changing your daily life! As I would say for myself: "It keeps you busy, it keeps you away from the soap operas." :-)) The only strange thing that appears to me now is that I will probably never experience that great feeling again, since somebody would have to drag me away from Crete to make me leave! biggrin.gif

All the best with your preparations, house sale and all... and looking forward to having you on my terrace soon whenever you'll say: "Why don't we have a nice drive down South today and see how Dinny and the dogs are doing?". :-)

Good luck with all your preparations!

Hi Pam,

Good to read your news - here we are back in the Uk and feling gloomy and you will be all excited getting ready for your holiday.

Now that you have such an exciting project to focus on any time in Crete will feel extra special to you - I agree that you should take le cruset with you; the only time I do any real cooking is when I am in Kritsa.

We were given so many tomatoes I made some chutney - the neighbours accepted it but of course we will never know if they tried it! Perhaps we could go into business making jams and chutneys??

Enjoy your holiday, Yvonne
Thanks for your good wishes,, Dinny & Yvonne. No sale yet on the house, though people are still viewing. We've got a bit of business to do while we're out in Crete- our architect wants some money for the planning permission fees, so have transferred that to our greek bank account (just as the pound dropped, unfortunately). Also, she has promised a more detailed costing on the house build which will give us a better idea on how much we can afford to drop the price on the house. Other than that, we're just going to enjoy a holiday, not from work any more, but the chore of keeping the house tidy and showing people around every couple of days.

Not sure about a business, Yvonne, but I can see me making chutneys with surplus produce, don't know about jams as I don't think you can get the likes of redcurrants and blackcurrants over there. I'll probably look at learning to do marmalade, though!

All the best

Pam & Bob
Hi Pam so glad to hear your moving "Home" wink.gif wink.gif

I've just got skype so once your settled with a PC it would be great to talk to you again.

Give my regards to Bob.

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