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Visits To Crete

Posted by , 27 June 2006 · 5,123 views

Like many of you I too am enchanted by this beautiful island. We started visiting Crete (North West) about 6 years ago, my parents, my sister and I. Having arrived in Chania airport, I have to say I was a little worried that we would be staying in a shack in the middle of a field for 2 weeks, how wrong was I?!

The apartments we were staying at were up a hill that the bus couldn't get to but wow, they were and still are amazing. Breathtaking views across Souda bay and over to Marathi on the opposite coast line. As for the owner, well, now a firm family friend we have seen his daughters grow from babies and shared with them many a home made raki (not the daughters, their parents!).

Over the summers that we visited we packed in a lot of sightseeing and a few hair raising drives up hillside roads that I'm fairly certain the locals thought we were mad for trying.... You know the one Dad! Him looking at the views, my sister and I praying to be let out to walk, and my mother screaming the old favourite "mind the white line!!!!!", before turning an odd shade of green.
Propbably the most spectacular sights were on a boat trip to a lagoon (the name of which escapes me, but I'm sure most of you know it), it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and the sea was so clear. My sister and I swam in to the beach from the boat, both being strong swimmers and lifeguards we thought it would be easy, little did we know how deep the water was, until we stopped for a breather and realised the crystal clear water was about 4 meters deep, and our feet definately wouldn't touch the bottom! You try laughing and swimming at the same time.

Another great sight was the beach at Elafonissi, driving down we thought it had been a little over developed, little did we realise until we followed the mass of Greeks carrying barbeques, chairs and tables on their heads through the sea and to a competely unspoiled beach area quite how lovely the area was.

Dad of course would have us rounded up daily and with his interest in the world war and the occupation of Crete would take us on probably the best history trips ever, if history lessons in school were this interesting everyone would be following it for GCSE. He knows the ins and outs of everywhere in the north west area and will quite happily drive for a whole day in order to see monuments and museums. Brilliant.

Our nightly ritual was timed by the departure of the ferry from Souda to Athens, if we were half way down the hill we were doing well, if we were still at the apartment it meant that either my sister or mother were still doing their hair or make up while me and Dad would be ready to eat a horse.

With the night would come the arguments as to where we would eat. My sister and I would always want to go to Yannis', Mam would want to "try something else just for tonight", and Dad, after putting up with us all day he just needed feeding! To be honest I don't know why we were arguing over where to eat because I don't think there was a bad restaurant in the village, and the food is so good and continues to be so good (nightly phone calls from parents while I was slaving away in uni to update me on food etc...thanks). My mousakka is quickly becoming better, but I fear it well never rival that of the chef at Elizabeths.

This summer I will be returning to Crete for the first time in 2 or 3 years and I cannot wait. Having been at university for 5 years I feel the same sense of anticipation and delight at going to Crete as I do on my way home to Wales. I'm not really sure what it is that draws me to the area, whether it is the place itself or the hospitality of the people I'm not sure, but this year I'm also taking my boyfriend. An experience I'm sure, as he is not good in the heat! (We're going in August...oops). But, I can't wait!

The first Mythos is on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is nice to see that my daughter after 5 years in Uni has managed to string sentences together, although her memory seems to be a little muddled!!! My memory of the car trips are,'Dad, when are we going to stop for a drink?...Dad, how long are we going to be?...Dad, switch the radio on.... Dad, close the window...get the picture?I think most parents have been there!!!!!! I must admit though that both the girls have been great company at Provlita although I seem to remember that Rhi was a bit overawed by the mixed seafood platter that took over the table one particular evening.
Oh, by the way, welcome to the site Rhi. Enjoy the company of people from across the world who feel the same way about Crete as you do.
Ahhhh, so it's all in the family!!?? biggrin.gif Rhi, it's great to see you onboard, we might get a different picture of Dave! (Well, not that I mind the picture so far, but sometimes it turns out to be totally different from a daughter's point of view) ... We are looking forward to peep into some hidden family secrets... tongue.gif
Get back to Denmark, you wicked woman you. rolleyes.gif My daughter needs NO encouragement to spill the beans on her old man!!! But Rhi, don't forget if you want to come home there may not be a bed for you if you tell Dinny too much!!
Dinny, I was glad to hear that no harm had come to Lucky, it's just a shame that the silly animal didn't have the sense to stay with you, but this will soon be remedied I understand by the addition of a pup when you return from your holiday. Enjoy seeing your friends in Denmark
Hmmm, do I need encouragement to spill the beans on Dad......Maybe. But you better be ready with the bribes father dear.

Anyway, these car trips, I seem to remember (and I think my sister will agree) that we only wanted the exact details of these car trips in order to a) avoid deviations of any sort b)avoid shopping of any sort and c)to avoid high mountain roads that Toyota Yaris' should never ever drive on!!!!!

Having said that, your services would be greatly appreciated when picking us up from the airport this year, thanks tongue.gif

Thanks for your welcome messages, all the best
Rhi x

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