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Katharo Plateau Via Kritsa

Posted by Dave.C, 17 March 2006 · 5,697 views

On our stays in Kalo Chorio we have visited Kritsa several times. I can see why Yvonne has bought property there, as it is a beautiful little village and the locals are very friendly. There are plenty of Tavernas and gift shops.You will find the local Ladies sat on the steps of their shopfronts making,their wares for their shops. This is the place we buy many of our presents for our journey home to England.

We get hand made little trinkets for the Grandchildren and tea and table cloths, hand made by the local women for the others. A lot of these are one off designs which you will never be able to buy anywhere else in the world. There are a couple of good shops selling everything that can be made and carved from the olive tree. We have found that everything that we have bought has been made to the highest standard and when you appreciate the time and effort that has been put into making these goods, the prices are
very reasonable.

For example, I bought my wife a 1 metre square crochet table cloth which took the lady 2 Months to crochet and was priced at 120 Euros. In October when most of the tourists have gone, I bartered the lady down and paid her 70 Euros for it. I don’t know of anyone back home that could make such a beautiful thing and work 2 months for 70 Euros.

The last time we went to Kritsa,we had our usual walk about and breakfast then jumped into the jeep and drove on up through the narrow streets of Kritsa and made for the hills to the Katharo Plateau. Several stops along the way to take photos of the goats and the scenery, but one emergency stop that we didn’t expect. As we drove arround a bad bend in the road a Shepherd jumped out in front of us and begged a lift to the Plateau. He couldn’t speak English as we couldn’t speak Greek, well we did manage Kalimera And Adio and we did understand when he grunted when we dropped him at the Taverna at the Plataeu. We assumed that he would say Efharisto but we think the grunt had the same meaning. No disregards to the Sheperd but we were quite glad that he didn’t invite us for a drink with him to show his gratitude, as I think he had been in the mountains for several months and was in urgent need of a bath.

While we sat and had drinks in the Taverna owned by two brothers, who we have nicknamed the Eagle men, because they have photos on the walls outside the Taverna of them holding an Eagle with it’s wings open. Believe me, it looks huge.

The Shepherd met up with some of his friends and jumped in their truck to continue on to Lassithi Plataeu. Now it was late afternoon and had got quite cold up in Katharo so we decided to make our way back. On the way back we stopped to take some more photos of some goats and to our amusement found 2 or3 of them sat in the tops of the olive trees, apparently this is not unusual.

All in all another excellent day out.

Just to say I think we have met the same man - phew!!!!!

It is good to see someone else loving Kritsa - I am always conscious of sounding very biased - I am also very aware there is still a lot more of Crete for us to see. Siga Siga biggrin.gif

Hi Dave,

That was quite a bargain for the table cloth.
The lady asked 120 for a two months job, you paid 70 so actually she made 35 a month. Taking into consideration that she was not in need for the money it was a gratuity cool.gif
On my last visit to Kritsa I bought a small cloth to go on a coffee table - it was machine made and I was given a "very good price" of only €15.

As we chatted I saw another small table cloth being wrapped up too - "this one needs a wash but then it will be good for you". It was actually nicer than the one I had bought with some hand embroidery on it.

As I went to leave the shop I was told to come back tomorrow for a bag of potatoes. Well English reserve meant this didn't happen but we waved and smiled as we drove past. The next day the lady stepped out into the road in front of our car gesturing us to stop. We were then handed a carrier bag full of potatoes and scolded for forgetting them.

A couple of weeks later we were given a carrier bag of delicious grapes.

So I think you get real bargains from the tablecloth ladies of Kritsa!!! biggrin.gif

Hi Dave,I know your "Eagle-men"quite well!
The bird they are holding in the pictures,is not an eagle,but a Vulture.They found it injured,and after much time and trouble and care,restored it to health,and released it.
The vulture is still in the area,but unlike its compatriats in the area,it hunts alone,so if you spot a lone vulture,its probably him!
The "Eagle man" is very knowledgable about local wildlife,and plays guitar some nights with some of the local bikers from Ag.Nik.These often turn into all night sessions too!
Still,Katharo must be a great place to see the sun rise at the end of these nights!

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