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Drive Through Old Kalo Chorio

Posted by Dave.C, 13 February 2006 · 2,645 views

A pleasant drive through Kalo Chorio
Take the road across the mountain towards Ierapetra ,through the actual village of Kalo Chorio you will wind your way up the hill & eventually you will come to a fork in the road.Take the left fork & this will lead you to Ierapetra with some stunning panoramic views & drive by quite a few Cretan villages,very nice scenery.
If you take the right hand fork for Prina you will come upon a viewing point where you can see the sea on both north & south sides of Crete.Once you have reached the viewing point,be sure to carry on along that road to Kalamafka .Be sure to drive carefully through Kalamafka,as when you get down into the bottom of the village,look to your left before the left hand bend and you should see a little church built in a cave at the top of the mountain.I would recommend you stop & walk up the 225 concrete white painted steps.The climb up the steps is hard work but on reaching the top you will be well rewarded with the outstanding views & the little church that’s built into the cave up there.There is a Kafenion at the bottom of the steps where we got some breakfast.Beware,it was not an English breakfast but it certainly made us smile and definetly filled us up for the rest of our journey.If you like milk in your tea be sure to ask for Gala & you will be handed the tin of ideal milk.Coffee is only Greek coffee & the breakfast was toasted tinned meat & cheese sandwiches with plenty of chips.The old lady couldn’t speak any English but with our little bit of Greek we just about managed to communicate.You see,we only asked for toast.

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