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Our Stay In Kalo Chorio

Posted by Dave.C, 12 February 2006 · 2,466 views

We have stayed in Kalo Chorio twice now at the Elpida Hotel.It,s a very nice Hotel but although it is on the main Sitia road about 11 km fom Agios Nikolaos we didn't find the traffic noise a problem in October.
There is a sharp 70metre climb up the drive to reception & rooms(not for the faint hearted)but Poppa will meet you on arrival with his pickup and take your luggage to your rooms,same on your departure.
There are wonderful walks around there.
A walk down through the olive groves will give you a real insight to Cretan life,as you will find the locals down here tending thier gardens & collecting the fruit & veg for the families daily intake & some for the local Tavernas.
We walked on down through the groves & turned right at the end of the lane,within 5 minutes further on, we came across a beautiful pebbled beach which was almost deserted, apart from a couple of locals sunbathing & snorkling for Octopus.
You can imaging our delight, after which ,we now return to this beach regularly to swim & relax.There is a snack bar at the end of the beach & it always seems to be open, regardless of nobody around.I do think it’s used regularly by the locals.
Onother day we took the same walk down through the groves but part of the way down the lane we turned right to find yet another beach,this beach is a course sand but is quite ok to walk barefoot with no problem.This is a little more popular than the pebble beach and on a windy day you will find wind surfing taking place off the wall by the little church at the end of the beach.Once again there is a snack bar here.
The 3rd beach is the golden beach and situated on the main road towards Sitia & it goes without saying that this is the popular beach because of the quality of the sand.
Oncle again there is a café type bar on the footpath approaching the beach.
There are plenty of Tavernas &Mini markets spread out over a course of about a mile along the main road ,also a Hairdressers and Musium which we have not yet visited as it closes at the end of September.There is also a Bakery with fresh bread and cakes to die for,Yum Yum.
Nikos Taverna opposite the Elpida is a must,Run by Niko & wife Despina with there 2 children will make you feel like part of the family & provide you with outstanding food.
Kavos Taverna,opposite the golden beach is run by Manolis & wife Elpida with the help of Manolis’s sister Mia.They will also provide you with the best food and friendly welcome.
There are lots more good Tavernas around but I pointed the 2 above because they are exceptional.
The town of Agios Nikolaos is a must to visit,Once bitten you will be smitten.
All the shops & Tavernas & cafes that you will ever need and a walk to the top of the town to look down over the lake is spectacular.
We would recommend Crete to anyone, and we do all the time.

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