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Did The Dream Come True?

Posted by DaveW., 16 July 2006 · 5,110 views

Yes, I think overall that it did, although the actual physical effort of picking the olives was not the romantic picture that I had in my mind. It was very physical, as my friends in the village had told me, it was extremely tiring. But, heck, it was satisfying at the end of the day to reflect on the friendly back-chat, the disagreements, and I suppose on the achievement of the day.
I felt a bit like a fish out of water for the first couple of days, not knowing where the nets to catch the olives should be placed, how to beat the the olives out of the trees, how to pull the nets in order that the olives could be cleaned and bagged. But all this came and I began to feel that I wan't a spare part and was actually contributing towards the collection of the crop. The guys I worked with were great and even if you couldn't understand each other all of the time, you soon learnt the gestures(!) and as the understanding of the process grew, so did the understanding of what was being asked for.
What were the highlights? Eating oranges that had just been picked and were warm from the sun. The friendship of the guys, these are people who, when I meet them this summer will be old friends with whom I can chat as though we haven't been apart. The friendship of the family. I was included in everything, I was taken into Chania for a business meeting, I shared their table for lunch and their social life in the evenings. I experienced such kindness and, I think the best word may be acceptance. People looked at you with some amazement and bewilderment. 'He has come here for a holiday? To help collect olives? He must be insane!'
Although I speak no Greek, I became firm friends with George's father who is in his 80's and a man for who I have the greatest respect and admiration.
I was going to enter a day by day diary of my time here but I've read my 'journal' and I think it would appear quite boring and mundane for those reading it, so at the moment I've decided against it.
Yes, my dream was fulfilled. I will always (hopefully) have my memories of this trip and of the marvellous people that I was privileged to meet.

I can just imagine how hard it must have been at the end of the day, and how you would feel that you really had earned and deserved your dinner in the evening! smile.gif No wonder they thought you were just a bit out of your mind! Don't be surprised when they will count on you for showing up next olive-picking season again!
.............now funny you should mention that BUT I am thinking of asking if I could go to help towads the end of the collecting period, so that should be about Feb/Mar 2007. The only problem is that I haven't mentioned this to my wife!!!! I think that it would probably be better to wait until we are in Crete in 3 weeks and 5 days time (not that I am counting you understand). I suppose that if I left it later still, that I could ask if it would be alright to help with picking the grapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I have to say Dad is good luck getting that little adventure past Mam!! See you in 3 weeks and 4 days time (not that i'm counting either). First Mythos is on us as a thanks for picking us up from the airport (you are picking us up right?!).
Can't wait to get to the beach and see Souda bay and everything again, it's been far too long.
Rhi x

The first Mythos will literally be on you if you breathe a word of my possible/probable plan to your mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wink.gif rolleyes.gif

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