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A "proper" Holiday

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 07 July 2010 · 3,575 views

We arrived back in the UK at 7.00 p.m. yesterday after a 2 week break in our favourite village. I was back to work today and already the 25c sea water, hot days and warm evenings seem an age ago!

Our friends who are also fans of Kritsa joined us and mid way through they took a trip to Santorini to attend a family wedding - what a fabulous location to choose. There was a hiccough caused by a strike but they still managed to get to the church on time......just.

It was a shame to see that tourist numbers are so noticeably reduced; some knock on effects are a reduction in the number of ferries between islands, buses deleted from the time tables and an increase in "deserted" holiday accommodation. That said, it made driving more pleasant.

Kritsa high street looks fabulous with its new paving and at night the cliffs are now illuminated creating a very spectacular view. A new cultural centre is being built in the old mechanical olive press and we look forward to that opening - well we did first hear about it 9 years ago. Can't believe that is how long we have owned our little bit of paradise (OK so we have good imagination but the view from the balcony is fantastic).

The pagan ceremony to celebrate mid summer held in the church yard of the large church on the main street into Kritsa presented a strange paradox - May day garlands were burnt complete with ritual flame leaping and when the flames subsided there was feasting and dancing. We sat in the bar across the road to watch events and were amazed to see one enterprising group set up a BBQ in the street so that they could enjoy chops with thier supper. Cretan hospitality led to excess cakes being shared with onlookers, very yummy!

The next important thing to agree at work is a contract end date so that Alan can start planning our next road trip - meanwhile I am off to slap on some after sun cream in an attempt to keep the tan for at least a week. biggrin.gif