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#6914 Need Help

Posted by J.J. on 12 February 2006 - 11:17 PM in Explore Crete

Dear J.J,
welcome to our Forum. It is nice to hear that Crete has become so special to you that you want to buy a house on the island. I hope to see many messages from you posted on this forum in the future.

I would kindly ask anyone who wishes to respond to your inquiry, that he/she does it in a private message. Posting names and contact info of companies on this forum is considered to be free advertising, which is not the purpose of the ExploreCrete Forums.

Hi Jannis
Thanks for your reply hopefully I will get a few replys to my question. Of course I understand that if anyone knows of a building contractor they will have to contact me privately with the name.
Thanks again

#6903 9th Holiday To Crete

Posted by J.J. on 10 February 2006 - 01:43 AM in Explore Crete

In June this year we will be taking our 9th holiday in Crete (love the place) looking for suggestions for
days out off the beaten track.Staying in Stalis & will be hiring a car.1st post and love the site. :)

Hi Fergie
Just wanted to let you know of a nice place I found last year thats not too far for a day trip from Stalis. Its a place called Mochlos and is on the eastern side of Agios Nikolas. You take a turn off just after Platanos or there is another turn off after Sfaka both routes are down hill in order to reach the village. By the way there is also a beautiful beach on the way if you want to stop for a swim. It's past Agios Nikolos and just before the town of Istro.
Happy Days.

#6900 Need Help

Posted by J.J. on 09 February 2006 - 11:32 PM in Explore Crete

Hello to all.
I have been monitering this forum for a while and have finally decided to register. I think its wonderfull. It is full of information but above all it helps to keep my favourite place alive in my heart. I have been holidaying in Crete for many years always in the south. I find the place truly magical and it's people the most generous. No matter where I have traveled in the world it still dosn't compare with Crete. I have been fortunite to have made very good friends there over the years and every time I visit always meet new people. I think all the nice people congregate in the South of the Island... Anyway now I will proceed to probally make a lot of you readers very jealous because I'm in the process of trying to buy a little place over there. However it needs a bit of Tweeking... so I'm looking for a recomendation of a good, reliable and reasonable priced building firm. If anybody can give me a contact I would appreciate it.
By the way also think the Crete Gazette is brill.
Best regards