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03 June 2006 - 03:20 PM

Sounds good to me....... Our friend is from Slovenia and his name is Ilija,around age 27 , tall and speaks English well , he's lived in Crete for a few years now,nice bloke. We had heard of the Galini restaurant through reviews so will try it out , we had thought that the idea of maybe eating up in the village and then going back down to the bars sounded like a good night so will look out for you , where are you all from? There are probably more youngsters there than our age so I'm sure you will spot us wandering around , we're both blonde and not skinny !! Hope to see you there,Toni. :rolleyes:

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01 June 2006 - 11:47 PM

Hi Emily , only a week to go now !! What date do you arrive? We have just found out that a friend/barman we met last time and have kept in touch with is not working in Players anymore but is behind the bar in a 'poolbar' in some nice appts. in Koutouloufari , only thing is he didn't give the name,any ideas,is it a big place or are we likely to come across him if we have a nosy around? Although we did last the pace last time much to my surprise and were out 'til around 5am I think this time we might slow it down a little as we were both in need of a rest when we returned home!! We're not really into clubs but prefered bars/tavernas , most likely on the main street or off down towards the harbour , quite enjoyed the Irish bars , hope to find some nice restaurants , have read good reviews on a couple up where you will be so might try them . We will probably try starbeach this time too ,sounds like great fun , will listen out for anyone drunkenly calling for Emily while we're there then............maybe see you , have a great time,Toni.

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05 May 2006 - 06:49 PM

Hi Emily, yes I have been to Crete 3 times so far , my honeymoon and then with my family a few years later and most recently October 2004 with my great friend Lisa. We left both families at home and had a week in Hersonissos, which despite the weather not being that great( it was Oct) we had a really great time and loads of laughs.

We met some great people in the bars, we particularly liked an Irish bar called Players where we had some real laughs with the barstaff, it was much quieter by that time of year so they were able to relax and talk and ply us with plenty of free drinks etc. they also were the cheapest bar that we found having a permanent 2 for 1 policy on drinks.

There was one bar we didn't really like that was the Tiger bar , we got literally dragged in there by the blokes outside but we left quite quickly , they have a 3 for 1 drinks policy which we were not told so ordered 2 brandy and cokes and got 6 and were then charged 3 times what we were paying in Players so that was abit steep,it was very loud and the loo floors were swimmimg so a bit disgusting but hey the bar was packed so plenty of people loved it there and maybe we were just too old ??

We are doing the same again as I said in June and just hope that the weather will be with us this time as I'm sure it will !! It depends on your ages as to what sort of bars you might like but there was a great mix, we are both 36 but still full of life and fun , we intend to relax by the pool or the beach, get a tan, find a good reataurant and have a nice meal,preferably the more traditionally Greek places that might do some Greek dancing or plate smashing etc. anything for a giggle :) ,and then hit the town and have a few drinks.

We don't plan on doing too much sightseeing as this is supposed to be a very relaxing lazy holiday, but saying that there are lots of things to see but I have seen lots before. We have said that we will do the Happy Train Tour on the first morning just to get a good look around the resort without having to walk it all , hopefully spotting good restaurants or new bars to visit on the way,then if we don't walk all over the place during the week we won't feel too guilty......

Starbeach waterpark could also be an option for a day.....might consider a trip eg. bbq cruise or something like that , but they can be pretty pricey so will just wait and see. Where are you staying and what sort of things do you plan, have you been before etc? is your group all female or mixed ? when do you actually arrive and from which airport? Bye for now,Toni. :P

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16 April 2006 - 07:37 PM

Hi, anyone going to be in koutouloufari or hersonissos in the 2nnd week of june?

Hi Emily, we will be arriving in Hersonissos in the early hours of the 10th June and are staying at the Royale House Appartments near the Post Office , we are two females both with families (who are being left at home ) and are on a return visit to Crete to relive our youth !! Maybe see you there !! Toni x :huh:

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17 September 2005 - 06:17 PM

Hi Christine , oh you are making me so jealous,3 months in Hersonissos ,I wish........ Glad to hear you enjoyed your Summer there, me and my friend left our kids and hubbies at home last October and spent a fab week there last year and have booked to go back in June next year,can't wait !! I know from reading some of your previous posts that you like Players bar as we did,what was that like this Summer,busy? Were the same guys in there , Mario,Ilija,Dika etc. were they all ok?? Were you there in June and if so was the weather good? We have booked the Royale House Appartments next to the post office , do you know if they are ok and how close they are to most bars , from what we could remember we thought they were maybe about halfway along the main road towards Starbeach but we might be wrong , any info would be gratefully received ,thanks .Hope you settle back in quickly, next year will soon be here......Toni x :(