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In Topic: Tips For Young Couple Travelling In Late August

14 July 2014 - 03:57 PM

Thanks guys for your advice. Is there a top 5 must see's in Crete? We are starting to plan our week now. Is there any good traditional Greek restaurants in Rethymnon or good restaurants around Rethymnon?

My girlfriend (Daire) loves the white sand beaches, are these along the north coast or could someone recommend one of these lush beaches? While on the topic on beaches we are also interested in visiting au naturel beach, could someone point us in the direction of a nice one? 

I also want a romantic surprise for Daire as well, could someone recommend a romantic location where i could bring a picnic or so watching the sunset or other suitable suggestions? 


I will read on about Spinalonga and will take Kritsa's advice on doing it.


Thanks so much, im looking forward to Crete by the second :)