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In Topic: How Do You React To This?

15 November 2009 - 08:43 PM

I am thinkin it is me, but not, is you John who doesnt read properly.

You are not understanding anythin, - chesnuts like shac are the same as your red hering, things brought into conversations to stay away from real point, ie greek animal abuse!

Talking of shac I am sure you didnt known that Heather and Natasha and friends made over 3000 english pound when they are in jail just for greek animal in January this years.

I can tell you it is not stealing when you save somethink half ded from abusing. You make is sound lik greek arae law abiding, hehe big joke.

Only charity for worthwhile is

Greek Animal Rescue

IAWF is rubbish also GAWF is rubbish!

I alredy spend more than i must on greek saving of animal, so not need another charity thanks.

I giver up, you win, It is hopelss like try to speak to donkey butt or brick walls as you say.

In Topic: How Do You React To This?

14 November 2009 - 10:52 PM

I think Tikanis "chestnuts" are about speaking on abortion and SHAC which is not what these topic is about.

Cruelty to dairy beasts is vile but is not the same as indivual abuses of cat and dog.

"How do you know that this is not the case and that they cannot afford the vets fees?" This is what I say is some rubbish things is said, so like swinging these animal at grate height til the head smashed is alternatives for treatment of sick cat because owner has no money???

I think you do not read proper or you make different interpritation of what is said, or perhaps just my bad englisi. You make it obvios your feeling for animals to me, - zero. Yes of course I make more important of animal than human, most times humans have voice but animals not. I am saying that you should help and make big fuss about cruelty if you live here insted of accepting what is happenings in Greece. You dont understand why Greece need more Tikinis everywhere!!!

In Topic: Tourists Arrested In Malia For Dressing As "naughty Nuns"

05 November 2009 - 02:08 PM

This is serious problem, but when I see pictures from armando and read "It was not clear whether the Britons were male or female, or whether they were attending a stag or hen party" this is comedy and thinks some guys need to wear glasses as I canot see a women in sight, so is in fact serious problemo, hehe!

In Topic: Greek Woman Sets Fire To Man From England In Malia

05 November 2009 - 02:00 PM

Bravo Marina, not as bad as mrs. bobbit hehe mrs bobbit

In Topic: How Do You React To This?

05 November 2009 - 01:10 PM

Tikanis, you ask 'how do you react to this'?
My answer I react very bad and full of shame and embarrased.

I have always been animal lover which is not so usual for greeks, and I know that crete have a lot of brutality, this is known a lot, we are well known to hang dogs but so does Kos and lot of other places but not quuite so much.

So firstly the cat in questin was not unwanted he was nice cat in family of cats well fed and neutered and the beast who done this was known to the cats so friendly and not expecting to be treating so bad.

I am reading such rubbish here from "crete expert" make me feel like laughing hehe if I was english I would be embarased because you dont know what you say when you come to crete and then tell a guy like Tikanis he should not be here if he doesnt like what he sees. So you ex pats that do not care what is done to animals, you like to just sit around and pretend? Tikanis does much work for animals and crete needs people like him not idiots who are named by the english 'greekophiles'.

David and Glenda sound normals and they do not interest themselves in abortion and me not in kosher meats, we are talking domestic animal here cats and dogs, you english mans best frend. With such bad attitudes and surprising for english, best you go home to englnd. We need educated people to stay in Greece as we are not so civilised and have worst abuse in all of eu for animals. We dont like the drunken behaviour it is true but we like their money but these drunks do not abuse animal and then they go home back where they belong so no harm done!