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About Crete > Cheap Car Hire In Crete

Posted 30 June 2009

Tips and hints for cheap car hire in Crete

Hitting the roads in Crete with a hire car doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune during your vacation time; quite the opposite actually, as cheap car hire in Crete is a realistic and tangible option.
Here are a few simple and effective ways to reduce the cost of rental and enjoy hassle free holida...

About Crete > What To Visit Close To Heraklion With A Hire Car

Posted 04 June 2009

Crete is an island of amazing diversity and exquisite natural beauty; Eastern Crete is famous for its unique setting and long history. Setting Heraklion as a starting point of our trip we will be driving towards popular and important destinations the Eastern part of the island, where there is an abundance of towns, villages, historical sites, places of ec...

About Crete > Pizza In Zaros

Posted 19 March 2009

It was the evening of Clean (Ash) Monday; my friends and I left the hotel with growling tummies and with a huge urge to taste an omelet with fries and rustic eggs, the ones that have that orangey color, not the washy yellow of the ones sold in supermarkets.

We are at the mountain village of Zaros, at the south feet of Psiloreitis. This is a village that...

About Crete > Three Sharks In Gournes

Posted 25 November 2005

Three sharks arrived in the Cretan Aquarium in Gournes. The sharks were transported all the way from the Marineland aquarium in southern France to Crete.

The sharks were loaded in special water tanks and the tanks were taken by truck to Angona, Italy. They travelled by ferry to Patras, then drove to Pireaus and finally, by ferry to Heraklion. The whole...

About Crete > Winter Arrived In Crete

Posted 22 November 2005

The winter has arrived in Crete with high winds, low temperatures and the first snow. The temperature in Heraklion is 7-14 C and it has been raining the last few days, although the sun was shining this morning until noon. Photos of Lassithi plateau covered by snow show in the local newspapers today.

The rain and the cold weather is going to last until Fr...