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04 February 2007 - 07:53 PM

I`m planning several weeks in Crete from May.

Will stay in Rethymnon the first 3-5 weeks, then hit the southcoast.

Any good, student-budget hotels recommanded in Rethymnon?
I have some favourites, but are open-minded in this department too..

Been a bit around the world, but Crete has a special place in my heart. Spent almost a year there over the last 10 years on 12 trips.
Honest people, great food and the nature, it`s contasts, mountains and beaches.

Hopefully get some inspiration for my philosophy paper.

LOVE to you all!



What about the youth hostel in Rethymnon? Check it here: http://www.explorecr..._Rethymnon.html


Thank You.

I have heard about the hostel, good things.

I might stay there for a while, but as I plan to write a bit on my college-paper during this stay, I need a place alone too.

I`ve got two very good offers from hotels in Rethymnon. Haven`t stayed at any of them, but might book a week or two. At least one of them has a good reputation too. Will decide what to do in the near future.