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In Topic: Back Home :(

19 September 2005 - 02:54 PM

Hiya Toni..
i actually worked in players dis summer, r the last weeks b4 i went home, i needed money nd they needed help;) ive known the players staff 4 4 years now, so it was easy 4 me to start workin there.. had a blast workin there, the only bad thing bout it was that it was irish high season, so the place was packed with crazy irish jumping ppl...lol. But it was good fun, nd wud have loved ta do it again. Players was really busy this summer, they had a good season id say.
Mario, ilija, dika, manos, slowball... they r all there, nd they r all ok(i actually really miss em`now.. had sum good times wit em`), the only one whos not there is Andreas, he`s opened a new bar now called captain jack`s, its where escape used to b, across from blarney stone.
yeah i was there in june, nd the weather was lovely, its warm-but not too warm- nd its sunny.
sorry, but dont know anything bout the royale house appartments, if i did i wud defo give ye all the information i knew bout em`.

so wot date r yiz headin ovr??

In Topic: working in crete next summer

24 February 2005 - 01:12 PM

Hows u, im good thnx, been sick with the flu tho :lol:.... lol
Im headin back in the beginnin of june, plannin on havin a cple of weeks of hols b4 i start workin...
if yer plannin on gettin a jon, y dont ye go sooner, its easier ta get a job d sooner ye get there....
Nd just so ye know, players hardly evr employs guys, its just the way it is, but i wud try if i were ye... :lol:
wot do ye wanna work as??
so how many of us r headin down again...??

xxx, chris

In Topic: working in crete next summer

16 February 2005 - 02:13 PM

HAHAHAHA tina!!!!
yeah we better find a new forum ta post msg on...:lol:;)
Maria, is like EVERYWHERE!!!!, So its gonna b hard, let me no when ye find one.... hehehe

In Topic: working in crete next summer

16 February 2005 - 02:11 PM

Hiya Dika;):lol:

Sooo nice to hear from ye;):lol:
Off course im comin back, havent i done that the last 4 years?? lol
First bar ill visit is, ( off course )gonna b PLAYERS...lol
So r ye gonna work there this year aswell??
well well, see ya down there in june;)


In Topic: working in crete next summer

09 February 2005 - 08:39 PM

Hiya Kiaran!!!

Im grand, but bored!!! Cant wait to head down ta crete again... Have ta agree with ye, hersonissos is the best spot, LUV it;);)
Me best friend worked in players, but she quit in the last week of june(or was it tehe 1 week of july).
But players is deadly, luv the cheap 2 for 1 policy, nd since i knew the bartenders nd Dika(the guy outside), i got the drinks even cheaper than that;);)

Anywayz hope ye have fun in july, nd who knows i might see ye there...