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#6307 Scala Palace Hotel In Agia Pelagia

Posted by Jeffrey on 01 November 2005 - 08:31 PM in Reviews

Rooms were spacious and clean and modern. Air conditioning was actually included and no extra had to be paid. Bathroom was not very nice, the bath was about the size of a midget and shower just dribbled. But we could have lived with that if our toilet had not broken down after a few hours... someone (who didn't speak good english) said she would call the plumber the next day. So for nearly a full day no toilet.We were not offered another room. Next day the plumber came and made things even worse as toilet was actually overflowing then. We were then offered another room but as we were leaving the next morning we refused. In the two days were there we had no maid service. Breakfast was not very nice with cold fried eggs and other not very appetizing stuff. The only person who spoke english was the receptionist who was not there most of our stay.

The familly lived in the reception area, eating their meals, kids playing, preparing food, watching TV as if it was there own home. And if you interrupted them for small problems like flooding toilets you got a dirty look.

The pool was very small and freezing though it was advertised that it was heated.

We only stayed two nights but those two nights spoiled the good souvenir we had of our holidays in Crete.

When we complained as we were leaving all the receptionist kept saying was that she just worked there...... we were not even given a discount for the inconvenience.

#6305 Bad 5* Hotel

Posted by Jeffrey on 01 November 2005 - 03:13 PM in Explore Crete

Jeff who has published all these negative comments about Scala Hotel should at least have the courage to register, so that he has some kind of identity. Negative or positive comments from unregistered users about any kind of business in Crete should not be taken seriously. It is so easy for anyone to say anything he wants when he is totally anonymous.
ExploreCrete offers its visitors the option of writing reviews about any kind of business in Crete. Every review, positive or negative will be published as long as it comes from an existing email address.
If Jeff or anybody else wants to write a review about a hotel, restaurant or any other kind of business in Crete, then he/she should register first and then submit his/her review at the Reviews sub-forum:

Just to show I have nothing to hide I have now registered. I did not publish all these negative comments, only what had happened (and even then I did not give any details). I loved Crete and would go back again if I got the chance, I am sorry you took this as a criticism about Crete. I saw your review forum but have not posted there as it is not a review I wanted but information.