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#18282 Help For Reading Nikos Kazantzakis?

Posted by altan dayanir on 02 August 2015 - 06:46 PM in Cretan and Greek Music

Can someone help to me the meanings of "μπολκακι" and "μιλαγια" which I couldnt find out in dictoniaries and also my Greek friends dont know those. Maybe those are Cretan dialect.


Here are the writings of Kazantzakis:


Την κανω, μορε Γιαννακο, την κανω και τωρα τη Μαγδαληνη, η χηρα κουμπωνοντας το μπολκακι της να δειξει πος ηταν ξεκουμπωτο. [Ο ΗΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΞΑΝΑΣΤΑΥΡΩΝΕΤΑΙ]


Μια χανουμισσα ......... ακρανοιξε τη μιλαγια της και μου δειξε γυμνο το στηθος της. [ΑΝΑΦΟΡΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΓΡΕΚΟ]


Of course both of them are female dressings, shirt, etc. I compare the Greek and Turkish editions of these books and notice that Turkish translations are wrong.


So any reply will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.