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A “proper” Holiday May 2004

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 28 February 2006 · 864 views

Between February and mid August 04 I was working for the NHS on a contract in Sussex but I was able to take a holiday mid way through. So, in May we flew out to Crete for a 2 week holiday, like “normal people”. Well almost, due to the fact that we had left plenty of clothes in Kritsa we were able to travel with only hand luggage so as you can imagine that made things much easier.

Hilary had arranged for a taxi to pick us up and we enjoyed the journey past all the very familiar landmarks. Once indoors we really appreciated the fact that Hilary had already been in and left us refreshments so literally within minutes of arriving we were on the balcony enjoying a welcome dose of sunshine.

We spent a couple of days around the house doing minor repairs and catching up with friends and then hired a car for the middle part of the holiday. It was warm enough to be on the beach but it was also very good sightseeing weather so we did a bit of both. It was still quite green with plenty of flowers about and all the tavernas looked fresh in new coats of paint.

When we drove up to the high Katharo Plateau it felt quite chilly and there were still pockets of snow on the mountains. We drove along the track that is in the direction of Lasithi and we were very surprised to find that a track had been bulldozed to link the two plateaus. As we came up to the “edge” with a sheer drop down to Lasithi it really took our breath away. Alan would have loved to drive along the track to find out if it really did go all the way but he realised it was not a good idea in a small hired Hyundai Atos; he jokingly said, “of course if we buy a 4 wheel drive car ready for our next long trip to Crete we could do it no problem!” Bet you can guess what happened when we got back to the UK?


Once the hire car had gone back we spent the last few days in and around Kritsa or on bus trips. One day I decided to go on a Kritsa “donkey hunt”, and was able to “shoot” 11 different donkeys. Most of them were tied up whilst their owners were working on their plots tending vegetables etc. The donkeys all looked quite content as the sun was not too hot and all were in reach of lush stuff to eat.

Our flight home was not until the evening so we were able to enjoy a last swim before completing the housework and packing a few bits and pieces into our bag.

Buses are good quality, frequent and inexpensive so we took a bus back to the airport and wondered why we hadn’t done so when we arrived.

Whilst on the bus enjoying the scenery we realised that we still hadn’t been to the bank, never mind we would go next time………….

(Message to Dinny - Sorry, but I am trying to remember things in the right order!)

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