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Blooming Marvelous

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 14 March 2010 · 2,033 views

Most mornings have started warm and sunny allowing breakfast and/or lunch al fresco. Day time temperatures are averaging 18/22 degrees and feels nice and warm to us cold blooded English; however many locals are still wrapped up in thick jumpers and/or coats.
This is fantastic walking weather and we have been up and down ravines, mountains and along the seaside.

We have missed seeing the almond blossom but May is out and fruit trees are just starting to bloom. Everywhere is a lush green and we are enjoying seeing a wide variety of orchids, tiny lilies, and cyclamen and large yellow lilies that “almost” make up for the daffodils that we are missing by not being in the UK.

Oranges and lemons are literally falling off trees (often as we walk underneath!) and they are in blossom at the same time; the scent is very heady and heavy. Tight buds cover the olive trees and they will open any day now; the bees are hovering around anxiously as if they might miss it.

A Greek TV company is making a series based on Victoria Hyslop’s book, "The Island", about the leper colony in Spinalonga with “sets” on the island and in Plaka. We visited on a day when filming activity was over on the island so we could walk through the Plaka set. It must be very good for the local economy to have this activity out of season; the boatman from Plaka was busy ferrying people and equipment over to the island.

I have put some flower photos onto the gallery – they look so lovely growing wild that I cannot do them justice. I have also added a photo of a big wave taken in Irapetra on a day when we decided not to take coffee on the esplanade!

Must go, I have four hungry cats outside calling for breakfast – they have a nice tin of sardines to share – soft touch, who me?