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For Yannis And Other "young" Friends

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 01 August 2007 · 1,360 views

Puppy Tale
Did you know that in some countries not all dogs are kept as pets, some of them have to work all day and sometimes even through the night to earn their dinner?

I know a country like this called Crete. In Crete there is a village called Kritsa where the houses are built very close together on a steep hillside with no room for gardens.

People have chickens, goats, vegetable gardens or workshops that are up the hillside away from the houses and they have dogs of all different sizes to watch over them.

These dogs have an important job because they have to bark very loudly if there is any sign of trouble; they bark if people walk by, they bark if a nasty animal called a Pine Martin gets too near the chickens and they may also bark if a cat gets too close.

The other important barking time is in the evening; this is called the Kritsa Interbark and is used by the dogs to tell each other news and gossip. In fact the only times the dogs don’t bark is the middle of the day when it is just far too hot so they find a nice patch of shade and have a good sleep.
This is a story about a puppy that did not know how to bark and because of this the man that owned him thought he was useless and gave him to the evil dogcatcher……

Mummy Dog had overheard her owner talking about how useless a dog that didn’t bark was and although all her other puppies had gone to new homes no one wanted the last puppy. This made Mummy Dog very worried as tomorrow was the day she was going to ride in the back of a big pick up truck right up the mountains where she would look after sheep and goats. So, who would look after Puppy?

In the middle of the night Mummy Dog smelt the evil dogcatcher coming and had barked loudly to wake Puppy up but before she knew it he was gone.

Puppy had been fast asleep and dreaming of breakfast when the evil dogcatcher grabbed hold of him, dangled him by one leg so that it really hurt and dropped him into a smelly old sack. Inside the sack was very dark and the smell in there was so disgusting it made Puppy sick and that left a smelly warm wet patch on the back of the nasty man’s shirt. “Oi, you disgusting puppy”, said the dogcatcher, “you won’t be doing that again!” The evil dogcatcher dropped the sack containing poor Puppy into a very large dustbin and walked away.

Puppy wriggled but he couldn’t get out of the sack and when he was exhausted he lay still, hardly able to breathe and very frightened. Along came a rat hoping to find his supper in the dustbin and, as usual, he jumped in through a hole in the lid to see what tasty morsels he could find. The rat nibbled on some dry bread crusts and then enjoyed some cold chips that had nice red streaks of tomato sauce on them. Then the rat noticed the sack, “mmm I wonder if there is anything tasty in there”, he thought to himself. The rat gnawed at the sack until a small hole appeared and then he got hold of a thread and pulled and pulled until there was a much larger hole.

At first Puppy was happy because a hole in the sack meant it was easier to breath and he turned his head towards the hole; then if he could have barked he would have done because he saw a very scary black beady eye. As Puppy couldn’t bark he held his breath, closed his eyes and waited to see what would happen.

Of all the things the rat expected to find in the sack a very frightened puppy was not one of them. Once they had both got over the shock Puppy wriggled and the rat nibbled and soon they were both able to see each other properly. “Well, well”, said rat, “I want to make it very clear that this is MY bin and I don’t expect to share my food with any puppy for any reason”.

“Thank you“, said Puppy, “I am just so pleased to be out of that smelly sack; I am not at all hungry so I don’t need any of your supper.” “I am sad though because I have been taken away from my mummy who is excellent at looking after goats and sheep but not very good at keeping her puppy safe and I don’t know what to do.”

Rat thought for a moment and then said, “I would say this means you are on your own; perhaps you can find another dog with room for a puppy”.

Whilst they were talking a black cat got into dustbin and when Puppy looked around the rat had disappeared.
“Meow”, said the cat, “what do we have here?” “Why is there a puppy in MY bin, I hope you are not trying to steal these tasty fish heads”.

“Oh no”, said Puppy, “I am not hungry but a rat has just helped me to escape from this smelly sack; it was the evil dogcatcher who dumped me in here”.

“Meow, you have been very lucky, I don’t know any puppy that has managed to escape like that”. “It makes me shudder to think about it, I have heard that the evil dogcatcher takes away kittens too and they are never seen again”. The cat helped Puppy get out of the dustbin and showed him the road up the hill and away from the village.

Although it was the first time that Puppy had been out on his own he started to think it could be a good adventure to try and find a new mummy and he could hear lots of dogs barking up above the village so off he went.

The first dog he met was a small brown one that appeared to live in a large flower pot. “Hello Dog in a Pot, I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher”. “Would you like to be my new mummy?”
“Well done for escaping”, said Dog in a Pot, “but I can’t be your mummy I am just too old”.
Dog in a Pot saw Puppy’s sad face and offered him a share of breakfast before he set off again.

After breakfast Puppy went on up the hill and was pleased to see a grey dog with three puppies. “Hello Grey Dog” said Puppy politely, “I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher”. “Would you like to be my mummy”?

“Well done for escaping”, said Grey Dog, “but I can’t be your mummy because these are my first puppies and I am finding it hard to cope”.

When Grey Dog saw Puppy’s sad face she suggested he go on up the hill to see Chicken Joe as he may be able to help.

Sure enough the next dog that Puppy saw was guarding some chickens. “Hello Chicken Joe”, said Puppy politely, “I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher”. “Do you know of any dog that would like to be my new mummy”?

“Well done for escaping” said Chicken Joe, “but I spend all my time chained up here so I don’t meet many other dogs”.

Chicken Joe saw Puppy’s sad face and suggested that he go on up the hill to find a dog guarding a vegetable garden. “Be very careful Puppy”, said Shepherd Dog, “she is very fierce with big teeth and a very loud bark”.

Puppy was a bit worried but thought that if this dog was such a good barker she might be able to teach him to bark too. Sure enough up the hill and just around the corner was an enormous dog running up and down a vegetable garden on the end of a very long chain and all the time she was running she was barking loudly and showing off her very large teeth.

Puppy watched for a while hiding behind a fence until he could see where the chain made the dog stop running and it would be safe to stand out of range of those very big teeth. “Hello Fierce Dog” said Puppy politely, “I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher”. “Would you like to be my new mummy”?
Fierce Dog stopped in amazement that such a small puppy would be brave enough to talk to her.

“Well done for escaping”, said Fierce Dog, “I can see that you are very brave but if I was seen with a puppy I wouldn’t seem so fierce and then bad people might come and steal all these nice vegetables that I am guarding.”

Fierce Dog saw puppy’s sad face and suggested the he go on up the hill as there was a dog called Bouncer guarding a workshop that might like a puppy.

“Thank you” said Puppy, “but how will I know when I meet Bouncer?”
“Oh you will know all right”, laughed Fierce Dog, “Now off you go I need to do some more running and lots of very loud barking”.

Walking up hill was hard work and Puppy was getting tired but he had to laugh when he saw a dog with lots of energy jumping up and down inside a workshop and he just knew he had found Bouncer.
In fact this dog was bouncing up and down so much with excited little jumps Puppy found he was jumping up and down too and that made chatting very difficult.

“Hello Bouncer”, gasped Puppy when he got his breath back, “I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher”. “Would you like to be my new mummy”?

Bouncer kept on with her little jumps all the time she was talking, “well done for escaping but I spend all my time bouncing up and down here so that I can see over the wall and make sure that no one breaks into this workshop so I cant be your mummy”.

Bouncer was such a happy dog she was sad to see the disappointment on puppy’s face and so she added. “I know from a chat I had last night on the Interbark that there is a dog called Kritsa Hill Mummy who is always having puppies and she has 4 at the moment so perhaps she will find room for one more”.
“Oh thank you Bouncer” said Puppy, “it would be really good to have brothers and sisters again”.

Although Puppy was getting very tired with walking uphill and jumping up and down with Bouncer he kept going as he was anxious to find a new mummy before it got dark.

After a while Puppy realised he could hear lots of happy puppies yapping and squealing as they played with each other. Puppy saw bushes moving as the puppies played in and out of them so he ran over to join in the fun.

These puppies were playing chase a tail and this was a game that Puppy was good at. It wasn’t long before Puppy gave a playful tug on the tail of the biggest puppy who happened to be the only one wearing a collar.
Collar Pup looked round in surprise and said, “Hey no one has been able to catch me before well done”. He looked Puppy up and down and then across at his brothers and sisters and noticed that this puppy had a smooth brown coat and small paws but the rest of them had large paws and fluffy cream fur with black patterns.

Collar Pup said “I don’t think I am your brother you look very different to the rest of my family”.
Puppy answered, “I am a puppy that has escaped from the evil dogcatcher so now I am all alone and I would love to be part of your family if your mummy would let me”.
“Oooo that sounds very scary you must be very brave, well done for escaping”, said Collar Pup, “let’s go and ask my mummy”.

With that all 5 puppies rushed over to where Kritsa Hill Mummy was tied up next to her big kennel.
“Hello puppies”, said Kritsa Hill Mummy, “I heard you all playing and having a good time”. “Let me see if you are all here line up and try and stay still so I can sort you out”.

“OK, so here is number 1 my finest barker now called Collar Pup due to the lovely red collar that your new owner has given you.

“I see you number 2, always so close behind Collar Pup and your bark is nearly as loud”.

“Number 3; please look at me when I am talking, you are always looking about.”

“No mistaking you number 4, with a stick in your mouth as usual, I hope you don’t think life is one big game you will have to work for your dinner you know”.

“Hold on”, said Kritsa Hill Mummy in surprise, “what have we here?” I know I don’t have 5 puppies and even if I couldn’t count you certainly don’t look like the rest of the family”.

Then all the puppies started talking at once and falling over themselves to be the one to get closest to Kritsa Hill Mummy and tell her about their new friend”. So, let me make sure I have understood things correctly”, said Kritsa Hill Mummy, “On the Interbark last night I heard that a puppy had been given to the evil dogcatcher because he couldn’t bark and no one wanted to own him and you are that puppy”. “Goodness me I am surprised that you managed to escape, I haven’t heard of that before”.

“It has all been very scary”, admitted Puppy, “so I would love to stay with you if you would let me”.
Kritsa Hill Mummy thought about it and then agreed that Puppy could stay for a while but said that the best thing he could do would be to learn to bark quickly because tomorrow people would chose which of her puppies they wanted and she would hate for him to end up with the evil dogcatcher again. For a while, all such frightening thoughts disappeared and Puppy ran off to play with all his new brothers and sisters.

Later, when it was time for the Interbark session, Kritsa Hill Mummy called all the puppies and said that they should try and join in because once their bark was good enough for that then they were ready to have new owners.

So far only Collar Pup had managed it and he was so proud that he had earned a collar he had chosen it for his Interbark name.

“Listen”, said Kritsa Hill Mummy, “I can hear Tim the Terrier, the Interbark Master starting up tonight’s chat, he is asking every one who wants to join in to bark out their chosen names.

The puppies all listened and they heard all the dogs that wanted to chat barking out their names; there were so many of them but as Puppy listened he was pleased to hear some names he recognised.

“Hello everyone this is Dog in a Pot”.
“Good evening friends from Chicken Joe”.
“Hi, Grey Dog here, can’t stay long my 3 puppies are wearing me out”.
“Yo Fierce Dog here grrrrrrr”.
“Hello this is Kritsa Hill Mummy here, guess what, I have adopted the puppy that escaped the evil dogcatcher”.
“Hi, this is Collar Pup; it was me that found him”.

Kritsa Hill Mummy looked expectantly at her other puppies to see if they could bark well enough to join in. She was right to be concerned because no one would want a dog that couldn’t bark and she didn’t want any of hers to be banished to roam the village with out a collar on. Kritsa Hill Mummy knew that if people saw a dog without a collar they shouted at it and some even threw sticks and stones to make it go away. Worse than that, the evil dogcatcher was supposed to take away dogs that did not have a collar and Puppy had already told them all just how horrible that was.

Number 2 stood up tall opened his mouth and barked as loud as he could and gave his name as Shadow. It was a good strong bark and Tim the Terrier heard him clearly. Tim the Terrier replied, “Welcome to the Interbark Shadow, I am sure you will find someone to give you a collar soon.”

Number 3, had been looking all around as usual but when he saw all the other puppies turn and look at him he knew it was his turn. “Hello Interbarkers, I Spy here.” Again it was a good strong bark and Tim the Terrier heard him clearly and replied “Welcome to the Interbark I Spy, I am sure you will find someone to give you a collar soon.

“eerr lo inbokers Payfff ere”, mumbled number 4 finding it difficult to bark and keep a stick in his mouth.
Kritsa Hill Mummy went over to number 4 and crossly pulled the stick out of his mouth, “I have told you before not to talk with your mouth full, now try again.”

Number 4 kept an eye on his stick but barked out, “Hello Interbarkers this is Playful here.” Tim the Terrier thought for a minute and said, “OK, it was just about good enough the second time, welcome to the Interbark Playful; I hope you will find someone to give you a collar soon.

Now all the puppies and Kritsa Hill Mummy turned to look at Puppy but he put his tail between his legs and went off to find a cushion in the kennel to sleep on because he just knew he couldn’t bark.

Next morning before the day had even started to warm up all the puppies were waiting excitedly in the yard because this was the day they hoped a kind person would chose them to be their dog.

Collar Pup was trying to look cool as he already had a collar but when Yiannis stopped his car at the gate he ran as fast as he could to give him a welcoming lick. “Hello”, said Yiannis, “look I have put a blanket on the back seat of the car so in you go”. Collar Pup already knew his job was going to be to sit outside the car to stop it from being stolen in the big city and he was so excited he forgot to turn around and wave goodbye to the others.

Shadow felt a bit lost once Collar Pup was gone as he was so used to staying close to him so he stood by the gate looking down the hill long after Yiannis had driven off. He was still there when Bob walked past him on the way to his vegetable patch. Bob was in a hurry to dig up some fresh Potatoes for dinner so he didn’t look back. If he had he would have seen that Shadow was following him very closely so Bob was surprised when he bent down to pick up his spade and found him there. Whilst Bob was digging the potatoes Shadow was quite useful; he barked when a snake was about to slither into Bob’s bag of sandwiches and he barked when some children tried to climb over the fence.

When Bob had a nice big bag of potatoes and he started off down the hill he found that Shadow kept very close behind. “Mmm”, thought Bob, “perhaps this would be a good dog for me.”
Shadow was very happy 10 minutes later to be walking down the hill close behind Bob wearing a nice shiny yellow collar.

No sooner had Bob and Shadow disappeared down the hill when Santo and Wim walked by. These two men had bought a pair of derelict houses and were trying to repair them before the winter came. Wim said, “Look at those puppies Santo, we could do with a dog to keep an eye out for us whilst we are working on our houses”. Santo agreed a dog would be a good idea but reminded Wim that as there were two houses any dog that they had would need to be very alert and be on the lookout at all times.
“Oh yes”, agreed Wim, “What we need is a dog with big watchful eyes.”
Wim bent down to tickle the dog and Santo remarked, “Look at him, he can’t keep his eyes still, he is looking all over the place so I think he is the dog that we need. Wim agreed and before too long I Spy was wearing a smart brown collar and looking all around him as he headed down the hill to his new life.

Birgit knew exactly what sort of dog she wanted and it wasn’t a guard dog; no she wanted a dog that knew how to play games and would enjoy going to the beach for a swim. Birgit stopped her moped and Playful dropped his stick in front of her hoping that she would give it a throw so that he could chase after it; he was so happy when she threw it again and again and again. Guess who was soon balancing carefully in the foot well of Birgit’s scooter wearing a posh collar AND still holding onto his stick! Oh yes, Playful was certainly a very happy dog.

Unlike poor Puppy who sadly watched as his last playmate left and he realised that he would need to move on. Puppy walked on up the hill and out of the village and just kept walking until he saw a house that was out on its own without any neighbours. When he looked through the fence Puppy could see lots of cats with kittens and a big dog with a friendly face sitting in the last of the evening sunshine.

“Hello”, said Puppy, “What is your name? I escaped from the evil dogcatcher and I have been walking all day would it be alright if I had a sleep here”.

“My name is Bella”, the dog replied, “there is plenty of room for you to sleep on the terrace with the kittens but the house is for me.”

Bella went into the house and Puppy found a nice place under a bush.

Later Puppy started to have a very bad dream and he thought he could hear kittens crying as they were put into the evil Dogcatchers sack; it was such a vivid dream that puppy could even smell the sack.

The smell of the sack was so strong that it woke Puppy up and then he could see that is wasn’t a dream at all; the evil man really was putting kittens in his sack AND he had started to walk towards the spot where Puppy was.

Without thinking about it Puppy was snapping at the evil man’s ankles and barking so loudly it woke Bella up and she came rushing out and started barking too. Bella’s owner, a lady called Dinny, put the light on to see what all the fuss was about and this made the evil man drop his sack and run off.

Dinny opened the sack and let all the kittens out and they quickly ran to find their mummy cat. “Thank goodness you were here puppy”, said Dinny, “let me find you some chocolate to say thank you.”

When Dinny opened the gate the let Puppy out she noticed that he wasn’t wearing a collar, she thought for a moment and then said, “Well Bella this puppy saved all the kittens and it looks like he doesn’t belong to anyone so I think we have room for him to live here.

Sure enough Puppy now has a new home and each night when he goes to sleep it is in a lovely blue kennel, the same colour as his collar and his name is painted above the door, “HERO”.

What a lovely story, Yvonne, thank you.

I meant to post before to wish you a good trip back, but if I remember right, you said you'd be leaving Crete about now, so I've probably left it too late. Anyway, hope all goes well, and you're returning to England with happy memories of a long (if hot) summer stay. The weather's improved here now, so you should come back to sun and warmth.

Pam & Bob
VUF! When will you throw the stick again? VUF! When do you feed me? VUF! Where do my sisters and brothers live? VUF! Can we go and visit them? VUF! When can we co? VUF! Can I have a new collor? VUF! Where will you buy the new collar? VUF! Will it be sunshine tomorrow? VUF! Must I go with you every time you go and look at old rocks? VUF!
And Birgit answers: Do you always ask 100 questions every day?
I am on vacation in Denmark right now - and I am missing Bella very much although I get daily reports by phone that she is doing alright with Jenny and Dennis who are living in my house while I am away so that they can take care of everybody. So, today I am at my daughters house and was using her computer to check my mail and of course the ExploreCrete.
I was enjoying the tale but felt so sorry while reading about little Puppy's troubles to find a place to stay... you can just immagine what a happy smile I had when I found out that she ended up with me, Bella and the cats!! biggrin.gif smile.gif

I am enjoying my holidays... but still counting the days for my return HOME to Bella and the cats!!
You really should get these stories published Yvonne, they really cheer me up and from my simplistic look at life are a great tonic.
cool.gif cool.gif
Yes Von, it was great reading. I wish I had grandchildren to tell them this story. I'm sure they'd be hanging at my lips, as we say in Holland. But I have no children and my friends children are too old. So I have a problem.
Even more than one because I have to translate it first. But I'm sure that when I'm ready and tell them "De avonturen van een hondje op Kreta" I'll have gain some little friends that'll love me for telling it and you for the story.

I love fairytales. They let you escape from reality...