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Imminent Return To The Uk, Yuck!

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 23 July 2007 · 945 views

As we spend most of the day and night trying to keep cool the continuing news about the UK weather seems surreal; we certainly did choose the right summer for a long visit to Crete!

One rather unpleasant aspect has been the amount of plastic “rubbish” in the sea and on various beaches within Mirabello Bay. On some beaches the rubbish has become a fixture and we have seen that expensive steps are being taken to remove it and reduce the impact and on other beaches it comes and goes dependent on wind and tides. We don’t know if this is a problem that is here to stay in which case some resorts are likely to be damaged or if it is a regular feature at this time of year and we just haven’t seen it before. Mmm, perhaps I will put this bit on the main forum to see what other people know about it…..

The Culteral Association of Agios Nikolaos put on a wide variety of events throughout the summer from music and plays to exhibitions and details are available in a nice brochure available from the tourist office by the bridge in the centre of town. For example - Tomorrow night there is a free outdoor concert next to the lake in Agios Nikolaos that we are looking forward to. The music is by a “Gypsy Band” so it should be quite light and we will choose a restaurant nearby so it will be a bit like a cabaret.

We have been waiting 6 weeks for a quote to reseal our flat roof and such is life here that when Alan called to “chase it up” he was just told that they are very busy and they would call next week BUT that was 2 weeks ago. If it takes this long to get a quote you can imagine how long it will be before work starts!! There are other jobs in the quote but the roof is the important one, the others are “nice to haves” so we are not worried about them. Alan is thinking about coming back in October to “close” the house down for the winter and do the repainting that has been neglected due to the heat (ooops sorry to use that word again).

Old Viking is also in Kritsa now and we have spent a very pleasant evening with them and enjoyed seeing inside their traditional stone house.

Our thoughts are reluctantly turning towards the journey home but we are hoping that travelling at this time of year will make a difference. Alan has built an extra day into the journey so that we can go up and over the Swiss Alps via a pass rather than through a tunnel (as required when we travel in November due to snow)

So, what are our conclusions about a summer stay in Crete? We have missed being as active as usual and have not had such wide range of activities due to the heat but no one can complain about day after day on a beach; especially when we have next time to look forward to.