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Well, We Wanted A Hot Summer!

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 09 July 2007 · 1,096 views

We wanted to experience the full heat of a summer in Kritsa but we didn’t think it would include the hottest few weeks of June that the local people can remember; phew!!

Any thoughts we may have had about walking during the mornings and evenings with the middle of the days on the beach were firmly crossed off the “to do” list. It was beach, beach, and more beach for as long as possible each day. We found one that is very shady in the mornings and that is where we caught up on the sleep that we couldn’t have at night.

We were careful not to moan (too much) though because we had the luxury of leisure whilst other people had to work in the extreme heat and back in the UK people were telling us about dreadful floods.

Another ruse to beat the heat was to take long drives to enjoy the car’s air conditioning and we were surprised to find that the dirt road between Kroustas (above Kritsa) and Prina, and the mountain road up to the village of Thripti from Kato Choria have been tarmaced. This will be very good news for people who like to hire a car to explore whilst on holiday.

Alan’s son David has been to stay for the first time and it was obvious that he fell under the Cretan spell as he has left several items behind ready to use next time.

Large waves were rolling in on most beaches and David introduced us to body boarding and this proved to be a hit with us all.

After a few beach days David liked the sound of a trip up and over the mountains to the south coast via Thripti. This time Alan was pleased to take a dirt road from Kavousi – more fun than tarmac; well until we had a puncture it was!! Thank goodness David was available to provide extra muscle and a trip over the mountains is now on his “to do” list for his next visit.

Yes, you did say you wanted to see what Crete is like during the heat of the summer, so you certainly got your wish! Has it put you off coming back at this time? Anyway, looks like it's cooled down now, so hopefully you're getting some walks in - look forward to reading all about it.

Pam & Bob