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This Year’s Plumbing Problem

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 12 June 2007 · 1,057 views

This year’s plumbing problem appears to have been caused by last year’s plumbing solution!

Whilst I am at an internet café in Agios Nikolaos writing this blog entry, Alan is at home watching the Plumber deal with this year’s problem (probably caused by last year’s solution!!!) It looks quite bad because there is a pipe leaking in the wall that divides the kitchen and lounge – the yellow mould and falling plaster is quite extensive.

We were very pleased when the plumber only took 3 days to do the initial visit AND he came when he said he would (very unusual for Cretan tradesmen) then even more pleased when he said he would do the job in just 2 days time.

However, we became even more grateful last evening when after a day where the sun had been blazing down on the solar panel we had no hot water. We spent a couple of hours speculating where the hot water could have gone as our room was quiet dry when our adjoining neighbour (but below us on the hill) alerted us to the fact that they had water all over their floors argh!!!!! When Alan went in there to look he could see that their wall was also very mouldy so it has obviously been a problem for a while.

Bearing in mind that these are also the neighbours that used to suffer from a lack of water pressure when our water pump was sited in a different place and have had gallons of water gushing over their roof on the 4 or 5 occasions our water tank overflowed it is hardly surprising they are not best pleased when they see us arrive in Kritsa!!!! I just hope I don’t get home to a demolished kitchen and a demented husband (well, no more than he usually is….) meanwhile, do you know where I can get a copy of the Charles Carnegie book, “How to win friends and influence people”?

In addition to this the flat roof has been leaking and causing various problems for a couple of years and we have recently had someone around to quote for fixing that. (just another joy of owning restored stone property in a small Cretan village!!!!) So, I don’t think it is this year that I get to give up work!!!!

Due to the heat we are using early mornings and late afternoons to walk and we continue to be amazed by setting off on a path we know only to find we end up in new territory. We got a bit “lost” in the olive grove the other evening but could hear that we were close to the road so we took a path through an “allotment”.

This caused extreme agitation for a dog that, fortunately for us, was behind a strong fence (he had VERY big teeth). Alerted by the dog a lady came to investigate but in doing so she let a sheep onto the path and instead of being cross with us for causing the disturbance she was very friendly and apologised when the sheep tried to stop me from getting past – I have never been head butted by a sheep before!!

Further on we took a path between neat rows of vegetables to reach the road much to the surprise of the owner who was just about to enter his patch. Whereas in the UK we could expect to be (quite rightly) told off he was full of smiles and assumed we had gone astray trying to find the famous little church of Panagia Kera. We thanked him but said we were aiming in the opposite direction which probably bemused him even more – strange folk these English!!

I am now going off for a look around the shops, only window shopping of course!!

Yvonne, it is so funny reading about your adventures in your restaurated stone house. As everybody says, expect all kinds of things to happen with these old houses, and to some extent they are right, aren't they? smile.gif Still, I would love to go to another stone house when I move, but it seems that I will be moving into a totally new house with not 'soul', so I hope that my paintings and my filled bookshelves will make up for this lack of soul and that I will be the first one to leave something of myself in this house, spiritually speaking that is!

To the best of my knowledge I will not need a plumber immediately.... dry.gif