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I've Got Piles!

Posted by Kritsa Yvonne, 21 August 2006 · 1,194 views

If you'll pardon the expression!

We live in a small flat here in the UK and at the moment the bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it.

There is the pile to take to Crete so that we have warm clothes to wear on the way back in November, the pile of things to wear whilst we are out there and the pile of clothes to wear whilst traveling NEXT WEEK. (OK, the girls amongst you will know that all of those piles have more than we actually need ....just in case - even though we have a very full wardrobe in Crete.)

Then there is the pile of weird and wonderful items we have collected all year like books from car boot sales, a Galileo thermometer and vase (they will look nice on the new bookcase - yes, the flat pack one we are taking out there with us) Then there is the techno pile - CD player, laptop , printer and camera.

I have just spent an hour ironing so there is that pile too so I have done the only sensible thing I could think of and retreated to the PC with a gin & tonic. rolleyes.gif

Thankfully I will be safely out of the way at work whilst Alan tried to fit it all into the car.

If all goes according to plan my next blog entry will be from on board the ferry from Italy to Patras. cool.gif


Wow! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Hi Yvonne,

I hope you will get less rain on your way down this time - and that you will have a safe drive all the way! Looking forward to a comment half-way from the ferry!

smile.gif Wonderful three months ahead of you with temperatures that allow you to breathe!

Have a safe trip and I hope the car isn't weighed down too much by all those piles. Three months sounds wonderful - is that your longest stay so far. You should really get to feel like a proper local.